Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still a Naturallady

I am still here, I have been so busy with just stuff these past few days it is leaving me little time to do anything.

I do have one hair update, I washed my hair this past weekend and I blow dried and flat ironed it, OMG I forgot how soft my hair was it's been almost a year since it has been this straight. Don't worry it is only for this week I will be getting my twists put back in on this weekend just needed something done so I did not have to worry about it in the morning, my girls hair is also braided so I am free from combing hair.
So here are some pics of our hair, my hair gets rolled every night which I do not mind doing that. My husband is loving this hairstyle, he misses being able to run his fingers through it, I told him not to get his hopes up, I ain't going back. Anyways, this style has lasted me a week has to get washed out in the morning rain is coming.

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