Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Hair

 *Tried to get this uploaded yesterday, but you know how technology works*

So here is my birthday hair, I think it turned out pretty cute even though it's not as defined as I wanted but it will do for today.  I have been trying to upload a small video  but that's not working out too good for me, so the only thing I can do is post pics until then.  Once again I got this idea from Westndnbeauty, her braid n curls always turn out so great.  So I used the Shea Moisture Smoothie and with a little Africas Best Herbal Oil. to braid and then added some rollers to the ends.

So it did not turn out as defined as I wanted it to but it's big hair like I like so I wasn't messed up about it. I think know that I need something a little more water based and something good for hold, hey I used what I had.  But since it was my birthday I ordered myself a little sumthin sumthin from Darcy's Botanicals and plan on trying this style again with it, hopefully it makes it here before wash time next weekend, I will let you know when it arrives. Until then time to twist and pin my hair back up for the week.
Check out some more hair pics
 right after unbraiding

This picture was actually the end 
of the night.

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