Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blow dried twist out

Good evening...what a day.  I spent most of the evening painting my daughters bathroom, my mini makeover. A few months ago a posted a zebra wreath I made, click here, that was the inspiration for  the bathroom.  Almost finished just need my blue rugs to finish it off and some thingamajigs for the wall shelf and finished.  I hope to post pics of everything shortly.
So on to my hair, I did take the twists out on yesterday for a twist out that turned out pretty cute.
 Hair in twists
 twists seperated...
  and styled.

My hair was so soft and had lots of movement.  Last night I retwisted in larger twists using the Mizani Butter Rich to moisturize for a twist out today, I love it, even leaves your hair smelling great for days, been in the house all day though so I will save it for church tomorrow.  Oh yeah, I broke down and bought the Mizani Butter Rich and the Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish Moisturizing Mask, I love both.  The other day after I Henna'd I used the mask and it put all sorts of moisture back into my hair, no complaints, it even works well on my little ones hair whixh is always a plus with me. 
I also finally ordered a jar of the Kera Care Cleansing Cream cause I just couldn't get it out my head from the first time I used the sample several months ago and can't wait for it to come.  It should be here sometime next week, the next order will be their Butter Cream.
Until next time, good night.

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