Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...New Me

Wow ya'll, it has been a long time....so here is my story.
My postings have been so erratic these past few months mainly because I did not feel like myself mentally and physically, and emotionally.  I was feeling like who was I to be doing a blog even though I loved posting pictures and the like just about all the things I loved: hair, family, and crafting.  My hair was even starting to get ridonculous, yes I typed it, I was getting bored and just tired of looking at all these kinks and even thinking about having to wash and twist was working my last nerve . Have you ever had one of those "I am tired seasons and I don't feel like doing anything and I don't want anybody bothering me, just let me live" moments.  Well that is how I was feeling. Mid November I flat ironed my hair and wore it like that for 6 weeks washing and flat ironing in between, I wore a bun most of the time. Ya'll I even got a cute quick  weave I was that through. 
So to top everything off the middle of November I found out I was pregnant (not planned) but we were so excited to be bringing a new one into the family definitely praying for a boy, but the Monday after Thanksgiving I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, we were really heart broken because were so excited. The miscarriage physically was terrible,  but even worse emotionally.  I was off work for the rest of that week, then the following Monday everything started again and I ended up having a DandC and was off work for a few more days. I was a wreck the first week crying nonstop and on top of that still having pregnancy symptoms, uhhh, and trying no to blame myself.
No matter how far along you are, that is a difficult thing to go through. I thank God though that I had my husband here, he was so great (of course like a husband should be) but it made me look at him in a whole different way and I promise I think I fell in love with him even more.  He is really wonderful.  We are doing much better now and needless to say we are going to go ahead and try again so prayerfully I will have some good news for you after a while.
Now back to hair, I really did contemplate getting a texturizer and was supposed to get it done on this past Sunday but I chickened out, after debating with hubby he felt I was making a mistake if I did it.  And of course he would have been right.  He likes my hair as is.  So instead I did a henna treatment which turned out great my hair felt like heaven, I DC'd and blowdried only and twisted it up, no flat iron.  I decided that I needed to start this all over again and that journaling  again would help with me finding a new found love affair with my hair.  This time though there will be alot more blowdrying so if you are week at heart don't look  :O.
My plan for right now is to keep it blowdried for as long as it will last and style when I feel like it, rewash and do all over again.  I twisted last night with my whipped shea butter and gel in hopes of a twist out but this morning  I did not want to take twists out so I just pinned it up, it actually turned out cute so I think I will keep this style until Thursday and do a twist out Friday. 
I think getting back to my blog on a regular basis will help me get through, I really don't want to give up. I do love my hair.
Here are a few pictures...
Quick weave I did myself

 Shortened hair

Flat ironed hair in a  banana clip
 Last nights twists pinned up.

 side view

Sporadically pinned up in no specific
style but it turned out cute.


Diva Locks said...

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I know all two well the physical and emotional pain of that as I have had 2 before. I wish you luck with a new and healthy pregnancy and I can't wait to read more about your hair :)

naturallady said...

Thank you Diva for your concern. That was my first and I would never wish that on anyone, hubby and I are excited to begin this next journey though. I am also looking forward to more hair posts and hair growth.

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