Monday, May 25, 2009

Natural or Texturized

I bought a new product called Texture My Way by Organics, it is a product for texturized hair but I thought what the hey, if it can keep texturized hair moisturized then what can it do for mine. I like the product so far, after it is completely dry I will see if it is worth it. I put it in while in the shower and my hair was soaking wet, I did wring it out just a little with my hands. It does have a glossy feel when you rub it through your hands and it also smells delightful. After I put in the Moisturizer I also rubbed a good amount of Tahlia Waajhids Lock It Up gel and of course spraye some of my Hawaiian Silky spray. I liked the end result.

You know what I have been thinking though, if you have a texturizer then are you still considered natural? Not that I want one and I don't have anything against people who do, but just wondering. I know some people who say they are natural but have texturizers, for many reasons. But doesn't that defeat the purpose? Person #1 has a texturizer for maintenance, person #2 has a texturizer so she can look like she has "good" hair (I know cause I asked her). I came out and asked her that and she said yes with no hesitation, I kindly told her " sweetie you don't have good hair and that chemical is not going to help you get it", I also told her that you have to find what products work for your hair. Person #2 has a lot of issues with her natural hair including a hair horror story, I work with her everyday so I know, oh how I wish I could help her.

Person #2 gets a texturizer just for mainenance, she is not into doing all that up-keep that comes with coily hair which is not problem, "good" hair is not in her vocabulary. But then again she does a great job on keeping her hair looking great. What exactly does a texturizer do? That is my real question, does it soften it or is it more like a curl? I don't know, this calls for some investigation on my side.

I always thought that texturizers were only for people with short hair but the other day I saw a box that had a picture of a lady with neck length hair. I don't know, I just feel that if you really want to be natural then do it, a texturizer is still a chemical just like a relaxer you have to keep applying it to your hair. But on the other hand if you have a texturizer rock it if it makes your life easier.

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