Sunday, May 3, 2009

Product Review: Naat Intensive Mask

While walking around my local BSS I ran upon this Intensive Mask Hair Treatment for curly hair. I used it once on last Monday when I bought it and again this past Saturday as a deep conditioner when I washed again. You know what? I really like this product, it was fantastic! It also did a wonderful job on both my daughters hair, which makes it a plus product in my book. My hair was super soft and full of moisture all day, and after rinsing out of the girls hair I was able to run a large comb through it. I have been looking for a deep conditioning treatment and this is definintely going to be the one.

Product: Naat Treatment Curly Hair Intensive Mask; $5.99 at beauty supply store, $7.99 on line

Info: Intensive Mask with Keratinand Cupuacu Butter restores hair, it was specially developed to treat wavy, curly, and wavy curly hair.

Would I use again: Definitely! As soon as I fun out I will be buying this again and between me and my girls I am sure to run out quick. There is also shampoo, conditioner and a leave in that I would like to try too.

I give this product five stars

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Anonymous said...

Was at my local BSS this evening and ran across this also and bought it. I washed my hair and applied it. While it was on my hair, my hair was a little bit on the brittle side so i started to become a bit disappointed but after I rinsed it out I was pleasently surprised. My hair was super soft, cleared out very easily and my curls were poppin! Loves it!!

Musaffir said...

Owais Qadri

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