Saturday, May 16, 2009

What new do?

I have to be honest and say that I am not happy with my hairstyle that I got on last night from who I thought would be a new stylist for me. The "Funky Fro" is a no-no for me, I am contemplating when to wash only because I spent the money on it, it may be gone by Monday morning depending on my mood. This is what she did, she washed good and put me under the dryer to deep condition with peppermint oil, now that was lovely, then she rinsed me and rodded my hair with some teeny tiny perm rods then sat under the dryer to dry. After I was dry she took the rods out and seperated the coils. O.K, that sounds cute right? Not. she put so much grease in my hair if it was hot enough my hair would fry seriously. My expectations were very much high and then I got a big let down. I am just not happy with the style I keep thinking it is just that maybe I don't like all the grease, my pillowcase has to be washed. I am not trying to be funny but this is serious, I don't know if I should wash it or let it get old and see if it gets any cuter, which will take about two weeks and to make things worse my husband doesn't like it either. Plus I have my graduation on the 27 and I definitely need a cute hairstyle, knowing me I will end up rocking my TWA and a cute red flower in my hair cause I just bought the cutest dress for it. I will post pics later and let you tell me how it looks.

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