Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coconut milk Deep conditioner

Last week I did a coconut milk deep conditioner in my hair, actually it was Thursday, the results turned great.  I know some people use it, or try to, to help relax their curls but I was doing it just for the conditioning effects.  I mixed half a can of coconut milk(Thai coconut milk, you can use what you want) and mixed it with some honey, and the rest of my Giovanni Direct Deep Conditioner and let sit in my hair for about 1and half hours then rinsed.
I put my turbin in (that I got
from the $1 store) and cleaned 
my house until it was time to rinse.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the results but let me tell you my hair was so soft, I know this will be part of my back to school regimen, stay tuned for that post coming soon.

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