Sunday, July 18, 2010

Straight Hair

I was going through my pictures and realized I never posted pics of my hair straight.  For Mother's Day I got the InStyler (that I asked for) from hubby, that night I straightened my hair, the results were pretty dang good.  My hair stayed straight for a week until I washed it.  I loved this gadget, it straightened my ends better than a flat iron and left my hiar silky, the bad thing is it does not get to the roots so I had to hit those with my mini flat iron.  After it was ironed I tightly rolled it with the curlers and slept in medium perm rods.
My back is growing fast, still waiting for 
the front and sides to catch up.

My daughter took this picture of the back
for me that's why it's blurry.
It was definitely cute and curly for the day, 
I wore a ponytail for the rest of the week
 to keep it tucked away.

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