Monday, July 26, 2010

I finally tried a styl,...just right for St. Louis

Yes, I finally did an updo on my hair, aren't you proud of me?  I know, I am too. I got this cute style from wwestNDNbeautyy on youtube and thought I would give it a try, I was supposed to be doing my micros but got sooo busy that I did not have a chance to put them in and since we were going out of town the next day I needed something quick.
I think it turned out cute, this is after I blew my hair out, this may get put into my hairstyle profile book( not a real book, just in my mind) I even used my homemade Twist and Shout Gel.  The back view is after three days of heat and humidity in St. Louis  with the family this weekend, we took a mini vacation.  We were going to the beach but the oil gave us a change of plans :(
Since the river was super flooded,
we got to put our feet in the Muddy Mississippi
something we don't get to do here in Memphis

The end of the zoo and we were all super duper sweaty.
The girls have had a blast the past two days,
so glad to be at home though.

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