Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school again...

One of my favorite movies is Grease, yeah talk about me if you want but I love both of them, when the movie is coming on all the students are singing about going back to school and  let me tell you they are not excited, if you have seen the movie then you know what I am talking about, if not go watch it. Anyways, I feel like the kids felt at the beginning, slowfooting into the school.
Tomorrow is only Friday but my body feels like we have been at this longer than a week, thats what happens when you get 8 weeks of relaxation, summer was great! I woke up this morning super tired and in need of my morning coffee ASAP. I have to admit though that I am glad to be back at work and to see all my coworkers again, not to mention that my school is a great place to work. The best thing this year is that my Baby Girl will be in kindergarten and at school with me and Big Girl so I will get to work everyday on time for a change, mommas you know what I am talking about.
As much as I wanted a new job I love the job that I have. See I am an assistant teacher which means I go to different classes and tutor children, mostly kindergarten, first, and, second, in reading, math, and any other subjects they made need help in. I find it really fulfilling to do that cause I am a big fan of education and love to see children learning and excited about it. Last year I worked with a second grader who at the beginning of the year could barely read at a first grade level but by the end of the year she was reading right where she needed to be, I was so happy for her. There are parts of the job that are not all fine and dandy but I guess that comes with all jobs.
I am just blessex to have a job period, cause they way this economy is, I could be one of the ones seaeching.
I have so many plans going through my mind for this school year that I will share shortly, including a hair plan and a little surprise so stay tuned, as soon as I get sometime this weekend I will release it.
Until then enjoy another pair of earrings that I made tonight and another wreath I made for a coworker...

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