Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparing hair for twists

Wow, I am missing my blog. My computer is down for a while but will be back up shortly so there are no big time product reviews that I need to do. But for now enjoy the pics of blown out hair cause I am preparing my hair for twists cause school and work officially start back Monday. What happened to three month vacations?
Anyways,  yesterday I blowdried my hair using the tension method and my concentrator nozzle, then went through with the  denman, my hair had been washed a week ago and the only products in my hair were my moisturizer and my shea butter pomade so there was no need to rewash. I did use my Elasta QP heat protectant and the results were awesome, super soft hair, I was so tempted to flat iron but I resisted. I did braid my hair back upafterwards,  but it has get twisted by tonight though cause I've got to be at work tomorrow. Check out the pics. Also since my laptop is down I decided to pick back up on my knitting, check out my hat.


Funbi's said...

Wow, your hair looks great sis!!


naturallady said...

Thanks, it was feeling so good after blow drying I almost flat ironed it...but I didn't. Gotta hold out til December.

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