Thursday, August 18, 2011

Accidents Do Happen

What a busy week....glad to be back at work but good lawd I am tired.  On top of that I had a minor accident this past yes I was wearing some cute open toe sandals.
I broke my toe, the baby toe, and it hurt like heck, so now I have to wear this big, heavy boot until I see the orthopedist or anybody who will see me at this point.  Well I was at work rushing through the door as usual and turned around super quick and my toe made contact with my daughters foot which was in one of those thick converse shoes and bam, I knew it was broke but was just hoping it was a sprain.  Well there goes getting back to Zumba.  Maybe I can get some ab work in since it does not involve the feet.
This is my first time wearing the boot and I surely can't understand how people wear these long term.

Okay on to hair.  I finally decided to do an Aphogee protein treatment this coming Saturday, I feel like  my hair is really in need of it.  I have always been afraid of that but after doing lots of research and the great results from their shampoo and conditioner I think I will give it a try and of course I will let you know that turns out. 
My Big Girl is still rocking the twists I put in two weeks ago, one more week and then I will take them down to rewash and give another protective style, she wants her mohawk back so that is what she will get, I am thinking I will do them some what small so it will last another three weeks, that's about as long as I will let her hair stay up between washes anything longer than that leaves her hair really dry.

And now my side hustle: jewelry.  Here are a few pics of some things I have made recently.

 I made these feather earrings for some of 
my younger sisters friends at school.

I made this matching yoyo earrings
and necklace set for my coworker, she loved it
and we got plenty of compliments.

Until the weekend, enjoy.


Diva Locks said...

sorry about your toe :( I love those feather earrings. Do you sell them if so how much?

Funbi's said...

I pray your toe gets better soon sis!! Those earrings are lovely!!


naturallady said...

Thanks ladies, hopefully I don't have to wear the boot long. I do enjoy making jewelry, @ Diva, I hope to have my Etsy shop up and running by Monday or Tuesday, I have been working all weekend on the page and getting pictures ready. I do sell everything I make. The prices of the feather earrings vary depending on the design. I will let you know when the shop is open.

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