Friday, August 26, 2011

Twice Is Nice...and A Surprise Coming

What a week, not to mention that this doggone walking boot I am still wearing wears me out by the end of the day that all I want to do is get home from work quickly and sit down.  So my toe is still healing and my doctor wants me to go to an orthopedist, but I think not, I finally called them today and told the nurse that I may call back next week it I can't walk on it this weekend.  I mean seriously, is a foot doctor really necessary?  I admit I want my foot to heal right cause lawd knows I love me some cute shoes and love showing my feet cause they are purdy....but hubby says leave the boot on so my toe can heal properly.  He loves my feet too, lol.

Anyways, on to my post.  I did a hot oil treatment and washed my hair tonight once again using the Aphogee products: shampoo for damaged hair, moisturizing balancing conditioner, 2 minute Keratin treatment, and the provitamin leave in. I then twisted while damp using my shea butter moisturizer and watered down Giovanni direct leave in.  I plan on doing the same moisturizing regimen I used this past week, alternating my products that include Carols's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, I could definitely tell a difference  in how moisturized my hair was on this wash day.  I do still plan on buying the Kera Care Butter Cream or the As I Am Double Butter as soon as I can, I know I liked the Butter Cream better than the Double Butter so I think that may be the one I purchase along with the Hair Milk for my daughter.

I surely saw a difference in the my hair shed from either breakage of regular shedding.  I detangled a different way this time and I think I will do a video on that next week when I wash again.This was also my first time using the Keratin conditioner and I loved the way my hair felt afterwards, it was so soft. Can't wait to see the results in the morning after I untwist, stay tuned for pictures.

Also guys stay tuned for a surprise first thing in the morning...good night!

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