Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aphogee Review

My computer is finally back up and running, oh how I missed it, it's ashame how much we rely on technology.
So school is starting back on Monday, sad face, but I will be so excited to see a check.
This week was time to get my girls hair ready for the year after having a break during the summer, I decided to give the Aphogee line a try, I did  a little research and figured I should have good results with it being all pH balanced and stuff, I did like that fact. Here's what I bought.
Deep Moisture Shamopoo- $5
Balancing Moisturizer-$4
ProVitamin Leave In Conditioner-$4
all pH optomized

I used this on both my girls hair and let me tell you I was amazed, I was really looking to be unimpressed but man was I wrong,
Shampoo, makes styling easier, restores body and vibrancy, and controls frizz: from the time I shampooed and rinsed their hair was so freakin soft I was even to get a wide tooth comb through the back section of Baby Girls hair.
Balancing Moisturizer, infuses moisture, improves manageability, softness and shine: the bottle does not say conditioner but it is. I do see why it says moisturizer though because once  again I was impressed at the softness and how my comb and TT glided through the hair.  The moisturizer stays in for two minutes, I did 5 just cause, I put a plastic cap over then rinsed in cool water. Amazing!!! Oh but let me tell you, this stuff does not have the best smell, we all agreed it smells like my husbands deodorant.
 ProVitamin Leave In, adds lightweight moisture, improves body and shine, protects against heat: Last but not least the leave in, so I don't like watery leave ins and just knew this was going to be a miss, honey let me tell you, blowdrying was a breeze and it did exactly what it said.  Hair has body and shine and it is also a heat protectant so I did not have to add anything else before drying.

Overall I loved the outcome of my girls hair, I will definitely be using them again on their hair and can't wait to use it on mine as well. 
Check out pics below, I am working on a video review and having trouble uploading the videos from my phone to my computer, hopefully I will have it soon.
 Baby Girl after getting blowdried

 Back view

 All ready for school

 Baby Girls hair has never turned out better

Big Girl worried me so bad
about getting her twists 
back for school.
Hope you enjoyed the review!!

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