Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can I get ya'll to leave Obama alone...

Okay so last night my local news station did a story called Memphis in Black and White and of course they had to talk about Obama, is he black or is he white? OMG can we let the man be black please like he is. I look at it this way, if President Obama walked into a store and no one knew he was mixed they would definitely see him as a black man. He grew up in Chicago and was treated just like a black person, he is married to a black woman, and they definitely have black children. Heck, he even says he considers himself black. Then they had the nerve to show this preacher on tv saying "don't tell your children that an historical event has taken place and some other yadda yadda stuff" now he made me mad. You know what, he may have played "a" race card because he is black, and got many black votes, but had he been white he would have gotten many white votes. Anyways what does he being mixed with black and white have to do with how good a president he is going to be. I like Obama and yes I voted for him, let African American people have some time in the light. Remember the one drop rule? I am not a racist, I love all people red, yellow, black, and white, I don't discriminate I have friends of many colors , my children's Godmother is white and we love her to death. Sorry I just had to ramble on about this issue, but that little bit of news just mad me a little upset. Gotta go now and get back to work. Hit me back and tell me what you think. If you want to check out the news go to

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