Saturday, April 25, 2009

It ain't easy....being natural

Yeah I am lovin it, but Good Lord, it is work. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time on my natural coils than I did on my relaxed hair. No I am not giving up haven't even thought about it, I loooooove my kinks. I have finally got my "rock solid regimen" (thx BGLH) and have gotten my cowashes down to twice a week, and a cabinet of my five main products that I use and love. Is it safe to say I am on my way? We will see, with the summer right around the corner hopefully I will not have to change what I am doing, it does get crazy hot here in Memphis and the humidity is hellacious, might have to start doing some research on good hair products for that problem. Oh and I am not a product junkie anymore now I just buy my regimen products when I run out, I am healed! Of course it is Saturday and yes I am doing a DC as usual, today I used my Black Earth Healing Oyl as a hot oil treatment, I think I will add that to my regimen weekly if it works out well. Time to rinse. toodles. Also I am still trying to get my videos uploaded for the three strand twists.

My goal!

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