Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Henna /Cassia: What's the Diff?

Four weeks ago Idecided to tyr Neutral Henna in my hair. I must say that stuff is amazing , I fell in love with it even though it looked like I washed my hair in mud. OMG! My hair totally responded well to it. I was thinking I will never use anything else again. Then, all of a sudden I see the words Cassia and Amla, now I am confused, did I miss something? What are they? I had to be nosey so I did a little research, I wanted to find out the difference in these three natural products. What did I find out. . . they are all basically the same thing, there is no difference, they are all totally good for the hair and do basically the same thing. So for all of you wondering the same thing, this is for you.

Henna and Cassia: Same difference. Neutral Henna is actually from the Cassia Obovata plant that helps condition and add shine to the hair. The neutral henna is colorless, that is nondying, and there is also henna that is used to add a hint of color to the hair. Henna/Cassia is a fine, green powder that really does smell like grass or green tea, when mixed with warm water it turns into a pastey substance and can be applied to the hair. Here is some info.

Natural conditioner
Keeps hair shiny and soft
Curl Enhancer and texturizer
Non drying
Can be used once a month
Can be mixed with Cassia and Amla

Natural hair conditioner, thickener
Adds shine
Curl enhancer
Can be used once a month
Can be mixed with Henna and Amla

Natural conditioner, volumizer
Curl enhancer
Non dryingCan be used once a moCan be mixed with Henna and Cassia
Can be used as a facial scrub and toner
Known as Indian Gooseberry

How To Use:

  1. Mix Henna/Cassia with warm water.
  2. Apply to clean dry or damp hair from the root down (damp hair is better). A perm brush works great for application.
  3. Wrap hair in plastic wrap or put on a shower cap, let set for 1 hour.
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly, removing all residue.
  5. Style.
  6. Repeat monthly for healthy, thick, shiny hair.

The only con is this stuff is seedy so it is a good idea to sift before using. Trust me or you will be picking seeds from your hair. Yes the application is a hot mess but the end result is HOT!

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Sorry so long but I hope it was good information :)

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sonia said...

hey dis is sonia from india..n ur 4rm...whatever u hv written is really helpful n beneficial 2.ya im serious...i have tried henna mehendi on ma hair n its really amazing

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