Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back to Straight

On my last post I said I was going to do a protective style but goodness gracious, I was loving straight hair and had to go back. But first here is a henna pic, the Karishma henna is gggreat (in my Tony the Tiger voice), I can't wait to do another.  Oh, and I must say my hair had no problems reverting back to curly :)  I flat ironed the same way as in my video here.
$1.99 at local Indian Store

 Henna bout to be rinsed...

 hair after rinsing...

 I wish you could see the red highlights 
from the Henna, very subtle but 
turned out exactly right.
Super shiny too.

Lovin my hair and the versatility.  I wore my hair straight for the last three weeks, this time I may just do two but if by the end of  the second week my hair is still looking good I will go one more and then do another henna,  or maybe just an Amla treatment, bout the same as Henna but just won't give me any more color cause I like where it is now.

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