Sunday, January 9, 2011

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    Whew, what a long Winter vacation.  Finally went back to work on this past Tuesday after spending two weeks home with the fam, now we are sitting here watching the snow come down which means we will probably be home again on tomorrow, sad face.
On a hair note, my hiar is still straight, yep made it another week  but I am admitting that I re-flatironed on last Monday so I could have fresh hair for the first week.  I will go one more week straight but with no added heat, just bunning it, I am keeping it very moisturized with my shea butter oil mixture though.  I also bought some flexirods with is wayyy better than the magnetic rods, I don't know why I hadn't bought them before now.
I also got some new hair products from Bee Mine for my girls hair and I must say I really like so far, but goodness gracious it takes a long time for the products to be delivered, I finally got my sample sizes about 10 days after placing the order. 
What I bought: Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo- smells amazing, I sniff it every time I open the bottle, it    reminds me of my Hazelnut coffee creamer.
                       Avocado Cream Balancing Conditioner-best over on my 5 yr olds hair, after shampooing and then DCing with it, her hair was left so soft.  I ordered some more of that.
                       Bee Loved Hair and Scalp Moisturizer- now this one is tricky, because I did not like the scent, Island Mango, I mixed it with my shea butter oil to tone down the smell some.  Not my favorite scent.
                       Bee Hold Curly Butter-Good product too, I did my daughters hair in a twisted mohawk using this and it was great, can't wait to try on a twist out this spring/summer.
Waiting to arrive: Luscious Balancing Cream Moisturizer
                           Strawberry Kiwi Serum
 I will surely let you know how those work out.


Shea Butter said...

Avocado Cream Balancing Conditioner - Love it. Conditions well, leaves your hair silky and smooth. And it smells great.

naturallady said...

The conditioner works so good on my 5 year olds hair, totally sold. Also got the Balancing Moisturizer, kinda thick so I use it with my shea butter oil mixture.

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