Monday, January 17, 2011

What a hair raising weekend,  my hair was washed and Henna'd and it is feeling great.  I ended up buying Karishma brand Herbal Henna and loved  it better than the henna itself.  It already contains Amla but I still bought a box and added half to the Henna.  I also added some Cholesterol conditioner with Shea Butter.  Can you say AMAZING!  She felt super fresh.  NO pics yet though, I wore my hair in a twist n curl for church yesterday...since I am off today I am trying to figure out what I want to do, flat iron or just do a quick protective style.  Hmmmm...I was so loving my straigh hair and my hubby surely was, lol, but I was missing my hair just a little but.  Ok, so I think I made up my mind let's get started on a protective style


Shea Butter said...

Karishma brand Herbal Henna: Two years ago I was having real problems with split ends. Following the suggestion of a friend I started using Karishma Herbal Henna once or twice a month with great results - my hair got stronger, less breakage. It also can give tightly curled hair a slightly "looser" curl. Here's my recipe: 3 parts indigo (to keep my black hair color) 1 part Karishma Herbal henna (from Lakshmi's Cupboard online store) 8 oz full fat yogurt generous amount olive oil generous amount honey generous amount rosemary oil (to mask the indigo smell) It should look like oily yogurt. Works like a charm. NO shedding and NO dryness.

naturallady said...

I was impressed with Karishma, can't wait to use it again. Since I probably won't be washing my hair too often in these chilly months I will be doing these treatments once a month until it warms up here. My hair is definitely tightly curled but don't really care about the loosening affect, have you noticed any looser curls?

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