Friday, January 21, 2011

Measures my hair

Another snow day from work.....the sun is shining and everything is melting.  Unfortunately, we have some back road bus routes and for the safety of children no bussing, and if they can't go to school neither can the rest of the county...go figure.  And supposedly if the weather man is right we will be off again on Monday if we get more snow.
  But anyways, I thought I would do length check of my hair and see where I am at.
 Front= 8in
 Sides= 8in (my hair grows slow there, also dealing with this sides)
Tip Top= 9in, not surprised, always grows the longest, I think that is with everyone.
Back= 8.5in, grows fast there too.

As my challenge to myself I am going to continue my growth retention/challenge until the summer, I will not be doing another measurement until then, I know it has been a few months since I did a lenght check.  I need to go back and find the last one cause that's not something I was really keeping up with, life is way too busy for that.

Todays Hair.  Have a great day.


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