Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mother May???

I love being a momma to my two Twinkle toes, but seriously if I had a third girl I think I would go craZy.  All the hair combing and froo frooo? shopping...the thought makes my head hurt.
  My 8 year old comes to me this morning, 8a.m mind you, and says "Before we go spend the night grandma's house can we stop by the Gap store just to see what kind of clothes they have?"  of course I gave her one of my LOOKS cause I don't shop there at all.  I politely asked why and she said again " my friend Carrigan shops there and she wears cute clothes."  Huh, and I don't get cute clothes from my all time favorite The Children's Place where I get a rush of energy whenever I see they are having a I politely told her they have the same clothes just like everybody else just a little pricier but she still wants to go.  What have we gotten ourselves into,  I told my husband this one will take all his money not mine, lol.
As for my 5 year old she loves clothes but could care less about shopping, apparenlty there is two much walking involved.  So then she starts whining and gets in trouble and we end up leaving the store and she is back to happy.  What am I going to do with her?
Pros of having girls:  I always have a reason to shop and then have to buy matching hair bows, you know the  big colorfully decorated ones, cause I tried making my own and got frustrated.
* I'll always have shopping buddies when none of my friends are available
*All the bonding that will take place as they turn into teenagers...when they are not mad at me about something
My biggest con, the one I am not looking forward to:
*Having to have "The Talk" with them, sure we have talked about our private body parts  and how they belong to you and no one should touch and if someone does what you should do.  But I mean really having to talk to them about growing up , that seriously scares me.  Now I know I got SeVeRaL years to go but still,  it's something to think  about.  OMG, one day my girls are going to become little women, then dad and I wil really loose our minds.  Wanna hear something funny, my dad raised me and he was the first one to talk to me about getting your period, it was right after watching The Cosby show episode where Ruby got hers, he wasn't nervous and did pretty good, go figure.
Back to cons: 
*Having to girls means two head to comb, not fun especially when you throw mine in the mix, I  remember at one point I was washing hair every weekend.  Now I braid up my oldests hair  and wash every 3 weeks and flat iron and wash the youngest every 3 weeks all that gets done the same weekend and yes it take all two days.  It almost makes me want to cut my hair off again.
*Having two girls that are close in age means there is alot of arguing between them ALL the time.  I am constantly telling such and such to leave such and such alone or either someone is tattling on the other then I start getting frustrated and start yelling to then it all goes down hill from there.  My husband thinks we are all crazy but I am sure he wouldn't trade us, I hope  not.

No I am not pregnant or getting there any time soon but when and if we do I will be praying really, really hard for a boy.

So I said all that just to say that being a mom is great, lol, but has plenty of stressors and my stress level has hit the roof.
Sooooo my wonderful husband has booked me room at The Embassy Suites Hotel for the weekend for some peace and quiet away from the house so no cleaning frenzies for me.  As much as I love my family it is nice to get away for a while and enjoy some me time.  So have a great weekend Blog world.

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