Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Girls New Do

My Baby Girl's hair was done this weekend, she has lots of hair so it only gets washed about every 3 to 4 weeks, yes I have said it before sometimes her hair gets washed once a month, it's not worth the fight.
So I washed with Carols Daughter Hair Milk shampoo and detangled with the conditioner and my Tangle Teezer.  And while I am on that subject I wish the Teezer had some kind of handle on it cause that thing kept slipping from my hand, very frustrating.
Once again, I blowdried cause in these winter months her hair just does better.  For styling I we went a different route, usually she will get pony tails but I decided to braid it up for a while, when going through Happy Girl Hair I noticed this style and thought it was cute so I tried it but deviated a bit to put my own spin on it and her hair turned out cute.
First things first though:
hair before washing, she didn't even cry today.

Serious shrinkage!!
Washed hair after being detangled and rinsed. 
Ready for styling!!
Look at all that hair, I would cry too.
End results:
I think this style turned out so cute on her and should
last her the rest of the week.  She has very sensitive
skin and will not sleep in a scarf
or satin cap so I am praying this holds.

I did blowdry her hair even after knowing that her braids usually don't last long that way, but I plan on refreshing every weekend and that will get me through the month just in time for another shampoo.

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