Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sew Not About Hair

No this is not about hair, but it is another sewing/craft post.
For Christmas my sis in law gave me a sweater, pretty color but just not my style.
Just could not figure this dang thing out... 

So I cut the sweater in half and sewed it into a tube and made another Infinity scarf, the left over sleeve was turned into a flower.  I told my husband he better not tell her either, LOL!! She probably wouldn't mind, at least it is getting put to use.
Sew many ways to wear it (that is sooo cheesy)
but I love it :)
And pinned up hair is two weeks strong.

Oh, check out my Magnetic Photo holders I have been making,
how cute are they??

These were both gifts for other people, so 
overlook the pictures in them now.
They can be hung or put on frame/plate holders.

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