Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair Challenge

I know everyone does a hair challenge all the time but do you really stick with it (with a shoulder shrug)???  I'm about to try, just got through my first week and it was very simple, partly because we had rain and and it needed to be put up.  This challenge was right on time cause my straight natural had come to an end after 5 weeks.  I decided to follow Healthy Hair and Body's blog challenge for the next 6 months, the biggest challenge for me will be just sticking to the challenge itself, especially when the Spring comes and I feel urge to wear my twist out, ok maybe I will do that occassionally.
Anywhoooo, I retwisted last night using a spritz mixture of aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, carrot oil, olive oil, and glycerin then my shea butter mixture over that, twists turned out great. Oh and I also detangled with my new favorite item the Tangle Teezer, I had given up on the Denman long time ago, I think it was doing some damage to my hair.

It's long enough where I don't have to make 
the twists bigger and pin them up.


Shea Butter said...

Wow, luv your hair soo lady :)

naturallady said...

Thank you. My hair is finally long enough for larger twists so I don't mind wearing them now.

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