Monday, February 14, 2011

Third week of Challenge

Today starts my third week of my challenge and so far so good.  I decided to wash every two weeks cause that just works for me.  I keep it twisted for the week and wear a twist out on Saturday to retwist on Sunday and moisturize throughout the week.

I washed and retwisted last night, it was definitely time for some water to hit my hair.  I have been using a pre poo mixture that my hair has been loving,  I can tell the difference with it.  I tried a new hair style for the next two weeks, how ya like??
I wasn't trying to make the parts too perfect cause nobody would see it.
So proud of my hair growth!!!

And here is it all twisted  and pinned up, I think this styled 
turned out really cute, unfortunately this won't be 
coming down for a twist out  this weekend
but I will freshen the twists up on Sunday.
I will once again use my aloe vera juice and oil blend and shea butter mixture for that.
I will do another challenge update in two more weeks so stay tuned...

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