Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Avocado and KeraCare Revies

So my last post was on the Avocado Deep Treatment and KeraCare, here are my reviews...
Avocado treatment:  I think I liked it but I will surely give it another go round before I say this is a definite addition to my regimen.  I did leave my hair shiny and smooth but not silky soft as far as protein goes I think it had just the right amount.  It was better than the Placenta protein treatment I did a while back, I vowed never to try that again.

On to the KeraCare: My favorite product so far is the shampoo.  I loved it, hair was clean, scalp was clean, not mention my hair did not feel stripped and I could run my fingers through my hair while the shampoo was still in.  I seriously called my husband in so he could witness it.
Afterwards I used the Leave In- this was a total fail, it was way too thin for my hair.  My hair may be fine but it loves thick leave ins, I did not feel the leave in coated my hair enough, it even left my ends frizzy and poof (I wish I had taken a pic of that). I think I will stick with the Kinky Curly Leave In, my hair loves.
Okay, so on to the Twist and Define Cream: sigh...I thought I was going to have this amazing twist out the next day... sigh again.  My hair dried completely over night but when I took it out in the morning it was a definite no go.  There was no soft hold, my hair was dry with no shine to it at all, I tried rubbing the Hair Milk through it but that just made it frizzy.  I have to admit I was disappointed.  BUT, I am not giving up on the cream, the next time I use it I will be trying it with the Kinky Curly and I will give my results on that. Needless to say I washed my hair.
The Hair Milk: worked marvelous in my daughters hair, OMG, I haven't come across a milk for her hair in like never.  Wonderful for her thick hair.

So after all that, I rewashed my and guess what I did. I applied Kinky Curly Curly Custard and did a wash and go, my first time using this product.  I was pleasantly surprised!
 Here is hair wet with product...I was
afraid I applied too much but as
 it dried it was fine.

Here is hair totally dried by bedtime.

 Next day hair refreshed just using water 
after being smooshed through the night.

No fear though, curls are still poppin
and soft. Tonight I will be rubbing
a moisturizer before bedtime.

See you tomorrow for third day hair.

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