Sunday, June 5, 2011

Avocado Hair Treatment

I love avocados and guacamole is a definite go to with some chips but surely I never thought to put it in my hair, but as I type this I am sitting with avocado hair treatment under a shower cap, now, who knew.
Apparently, avocados are geat for hair growth, strengthens hari and adds serving of avocado mask for me please.  Avocados (oil) are full of Vitamin E which is important for healthy hair growth and reducing shedding hair, the oil is next on my shopping list. 
Let's not forget about the protein in avocados too, I'm not a protein fan especially after reading some scary failed attemps at protein treatments.  So why not give this one a try, it's not a chemical so surely no harm can be done.

Here is what I did:
2 Avocados
Olive Oil, I started with 2tbsp then added more as needed
jojoba oil, about 2tbsp
and blended in my mini food processor.
for storage I put it in my plastic containers, make sure you put the seed in there with the mixture to keep it from turning brown.  Freeze any extra.

My thoughts:  I didn't not have that hallelujah moment with this, but it was a nice treatment.  It was the same effect I get after doing a deep treatment after shampooing and sitting under the dryer, I definitely liked skipping that part.  My hair was shiney though.  Would I do it again, yep, just because...maybe in another 2 weeks to see if the effects are consistent.

Afterwards I used my KeraCare samples to finish washing and styling my hair, be back with that review soon.

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