Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair of the day

Here is today's hair, a three day old wash and go using KCCC. I really like this stuff, surely helping me to keep it simple this summer.
Still moisturizing at night, sadly I am out of KeraCare Butter Cream sample that I have fallen in love with, I hate to buy another product but I don't know any other moisturizer that does like it, I put three ponys in my hair and go to sleep. This morning I did a different refreshing routine, I took a section at a time and rewet with warm water, then I took some flaxseed gel I made and a little olive oil and rubbed through the section, I did this for each.
What was the reason for this?
I don't know, the flaxseed gel is very wet and mixed with the olive oil, I was sure it wouldn't get frizzy. I guess we'll see after it dries completely.

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