Sunday, June 26, 2011

Late Night Hair(Trim)

Trim? Cut? You tell me...
I have been getting a little bored with my hair lately and have been wanting a hair cut of some sort.  While working in my hair last night I was feeling the frustration, lol, and had a party to go to last night. But I did not succumb to it, I put my hair in about ten plaits added a knitted cap and a flower and kept going.
On to my point.
I have mentioned before that the back patch of my hair is a 3 something and can literally hang with the best of them, the rest of my hair is 4B all the way(if your in to that). It is irritating to me cause when I do a style that section just stretches and makes its presence known, often I just wish that part was 4B like the rest. So today I had hubby cut that back section off, I have done this before and of course it just grew back as you can see in the pic below.
This is my hair good and wet Monday,
 the rest is shrunken up
and that back section is hanging around...
This is the small amount cut...

                                                       Before                              After
Can you see the difference? I like this shape better :)

This is the back view, I think this makes 
my hair look alot fuller.  We'll see what it 
looks like in the morning, if I need
to cut more I will.
By the way, the style today was a braid out using products that I make for myself, unfortunately Memphis' famous humidity got to it but that's ok, I was loving the fluffiness. I pre pooed with Vatika oil then shampooed with my African Black soap peppermint shampoo I make for me and my family.  For the braids I used my homemade moisturizing shea butter pomade and my homemade whipped mango butter, oh and a little bit of flaxseed gel. I loved this out style even more after the cut...Tonight I rebraided with Shea Moisture Smoothie and the mango butter.
I haven't used the As I Am yet cause like I said before that package came after all this was done, I don't plan on washing my hair soon since there is no need and I will be out of town this weekend, I hope to have some kind of review after the ffourth I really can't wait to try the Cowash condtioner.

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