Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Much To Say So Little Time

1. I have officially started couponing, I wish I would have started this a long time ago, now it is really necessary.  I take my lunch to work faithfully everyday, school cafeteria ain't always great, my big girl takes her lunch everyday except taco day cause she does not like the food at all.  Now that my baby girl is going to kindergarten (finally) she will taking her lunch and she likes to eat so I need to make sure she gets enough to make it through the day.  Not to mention my hubby who needs food...I could go on and on about food but you get the point.
So yesterday I got my coupons and hit the street trying out my new found love.  I started at 10:00 am getting my couponing on, first was CVS for my BOGO  box of cereal and Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers that was for dinner tonight and quite good.  They were on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1 off coupons so I grabbed a few of those. My Baby Girl enjoyed two tortillas.
Next was Walgreens and then Dollar General with the coupons cause they both had some awesome deals too. Okay so now it is 11:30am and I am headed back home to get my list together and the rest of my coupons and print some more and then head off to Kroger's...to make a long story short I spent most of my day shopping for the home finally finishing by 4:30. It wouldn't have taken so long it I would not have been searching the web for more coupons, next time I will make sure to have all this ready before hand, I am learning, regardless I did really well yesterday. If the people on TLC can do it I know I can.
Truthfully, we spend $130 every one and a half to two weeks and that is only on food, if I include household necessities that price would be more so as you can see I need to do something and fast.  Surely as time goes by I will get better and better, wish me luck.

2. I finally had the chance to wash hair, I know I just washed Saturday but last night I noticed my hair was feeling a little uuugghhh.  So guess what I dd? I whipped out the As I Am  Coconut Cowash and got to work.  I washed my hair in the twists that were already in and just retwisted afterwards using the Kimmay leave in (sorry ya'll, that stuff is just great in my hair and leaves it super soft).
On to the Cowash:  I love the cowash and the smell of it.  The texture was like any normal conditioner but the smell was amazing, not flowery but more fruity, delicious.  After rinsing my hair was so soft and still so very moisturized I was very surprised, I have to say I liked it better than my Tresemme Naturals which is the only conditioner I have been using for a while, I was really sad that the sample was all gone :(. My hair responded well to this product, definitely something that I would will be buying in the near futere, like when school starts back and I get a paycheck...
If I had 5 thumbs I would give that many thumbs up for this first time use.
Has anybody else had amazing results with this product?

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