Saturday, June 4, 2011

Protective Style for My Little One

One week of protective style down, 7 more weeks to go.  It is summer vacation and the protecting is on  for the rest of the summer for my Big Girl.  This past week she just wore her hair in 6 cornrows to the back, I gave her a little side part just for a little extra cuteness - sorry no picture.

So today I redid her hair for another week, I did not wash since it was cleaned on last weekend and I did not use lots of products so we were good to go.  Here is her style, cute and simple

Two twists going down the sides with twists on the ends...

 and cornrows up to a ponytail also twisted on the ends
and pinned into a bun...

this style should give me another week if it stays 
pinned up.

Have a great weekend!!!


Diva Locks said...

So cute

naturallady said...

Thanks, she thinks she is cute too. She loves getting her hair done in different styles.

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