Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hair and Then Some

Happy Wednesday night...
4 things. Ready? Here they go!
1. New summer product switch- Shea Moisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention shampoo and conditioner are back on my shower shelf, it's hot and my hair is drying something awful. Thank goodness for Shea Moisture! 
2.I love purple, I love shoes, and I love thrift stores. $5, I just had to buy them. (photo 2)
3. I follow a blog called The Mother Huddle and she has a tutorial on turning plain flip flops into super cute ones. So I made some for me and the girls. (photos 1&4)
4. My sis is taking her locs out that she has had for the past 2 years. They are long and there are alot. She has been wanting them out for a couple of months now because they are irritating her, now that she is expecting it has gotten worse. She called me yesterday and asked if I would help, I told her as long as she does not get mad at me afterwards. It took three hours for us to cut and comb out the front part, we had to stop because she works nights and she had to get some sleep. I will make sure to post more pics. (photos 3&5)
*I am posting from my phone and I know the pics will be in any order so just go with it, lol. Funny movie by the way!


BeULuv said...
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BeULuv said...

Loving the shoes and the flipflops!

naturallady said...

Thanks BeULuv, my girls love them, looks like we'll be making more.

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