Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Uggghh, technology!

Heeeeyyy, check out my new button that took hours and hours and hours to finally figure out how to attach it to my blog.  Seriously technology is ridiculous, you know what, I take that back, if you do a tutorial all I ask is to please make sure that ALL the directions are correct that way I don't have to get all hot and frustrated that it ain't working when I know I am doing it right.
Relax, relate, release!
Anyways, the button is finally up.  I have been wanting a button for the longest  but as computer savy as I am I did not know how to do it, then the other day I ran across a tutorial on one of the blogs I follow and decided to do it.  The button drawing is one that I drew and decorated myself and I love the way it turned out, my husband couldn't believe that I did that myself, neither can I. I love the fact that it's not perfect or doesn't look professional, it turned out exactly how I pictured.
Isn't it cute though?
Go ahead, grab it, don't be shy!

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