Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Big Chop

Okay guys, I have been thinking and I think I will be doing another chop, not a big one but definitely another cut, it won't even be an inch. I was looking at my hair the other day and I have noticed that I have alot of split ends, super bushy at the ends. Believe me, I don't want to do it but in the end it will be better for my hair. I know there are lots of stuff out there that says they" mend split ends" but my question is how can you do that. If the hair is splitting surely there is nothing that can help it. Right? I don't want to cut but I am looking at the health of my hair and don't want to have to relax it, I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions.

I already talked to my cousin who has been natural for several years and she is going to cut it for me on Wednesday, I am scared to go to a salon because they get plenty scissor happy and I don't want them wacking my hair off. Hopefully by my one year nappy-versary!! in December my hair will be more healthier and ready for another year of coily growth, that's if I don't back out of it.

I won't, I can't back out, I have to remember it is for the health of my hair, an d believe me I love my hair.

Anywho, I will make sure I update you. Until then check out this article from

How To Trim Curly Hair

Perfectly shaped Afros and split-free ends have graced the pages of countless magazine pages. Maybe you have thought perfect looking hair is inaccessible on a budget. Flawless beauty without the expensive price is as close as your nearest pair of hair scissors.

Trimming your ends, especially those dry dull tips, will help to keep natural hair looking neat and healthy - especially when you want that nice wash-and-go look. You don’t need a stylist to maintain healthy ends. All you need to do is master the simple technique called ‘dusting’.

Dusting is by far the easiest and fastest way to trim your hair and is ideal for women who want to retain length. It’s called dusting because you snip just a little bit off the ends of the hair and the removed bits look just like a little dust. Here is an easy no-fail guide on how to trim your own hair using the dusting technique

Tools Needed

  1. Large and small teeth combs for detangling.
  2. Sharp, professional cutting scissors. (These can be found at your neighborhood beauty supply store and in some pharmacies.)
  3. Mirror

What To Do

  1. Thoroughly detangle your hair. (Optional - lightly blow-dry your hair for a more precise result)
  2. Put your hair in medium sized plaits/twists. I suggest at least 18 plaits over your head. The more plaits you do the better result you will receive.
  3. Feel for the little bulbs and dry bits of your hair ends and snip them off at angle using a sharp pair of scissors while looking in the mirror.

    Warning Cutting ends too bluntly will make twists and plaits unravel too easily causing your styles to loosen. Always clip at an angle.
  4. Stop. Why? You’re finished!

    Bonus Leave the plaits or twists in overnight and you may just have a fabulous braid-out or twist-out the next day with beautiful healthy ends.

It’s that easy. Now if you did the job right, the hair that you cut off is very minimal and you still have lots of hair left on your head. Trim your hair regularly before major damage is done to your ends and you should be able to avoid an expensive trip to the salon for a big cut to get rid of inches of damaged hair. Happy trimming

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