Thursday, July 30, 2009

A hair dyeing experience

What happens when you have too much time on your hands? You dye your hair, that's what I did, well sorta. I say that because I did not get the turn out that I wanted, I wanted a big, noticeable color and what I got was the front sides coming out redder than the rest of my hair, which is somewhat subtle. I did a semi permanent red (scarlet red by Adore, no alcohol, ammonia, or peroxide) because of the darkness of my hair hoping that it would hold good but it really didn't. I even used two bottles the first I left on for 25 minutes and rinsed out, I wasn't satisfied so I applied the other bottle and left it on for 25 more minutes, that did help to lighten my hair some.

What I decided was I would wait a month and then dye it again with the same color in hopes of getting a more reddish color and if that works then I will use every few months. I really want red hair, when I told my husband I wanted to dye my hair he even suggested red, say what, he surely shocked me.

I was working on video but we are under a tornado warning right about now, having some very bad weather, so I will wait until tomorrow and finish it up then post it. Hopefully I can get outside tomorrow and see how the color looks if we have some sun. Until then, later gators.

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