Sunday, July 5, 2009

My wash and go

I am so excited, this morning I decided to do a wash and go for church today, it was time for a washin. I found a new product yesterday that I did not want to mention until I used it. This morning I co-washed and applied my new product in the shower while my hair was pretty wet, I raked it through with my fingers and let it air dry I also put a few drops of Vitamin E oil on my scalp and massaged it in ever so gently so not to disturb the curl pattern. I sprayed the Elasta QP Leave In Conditioner on top of everything and gently worked it into my hair too.

The results: soft, shiney, subtle curlsNot to mention when my husband saw me at church (cause he has to be there early) he loved my hair, he even complimented on how my color, that I put in four weeks ago, was beautiful. To top it all off, we went to Wal-Mart afterwards and there was another natural diva in front of me, and she also commented on how "Beautiful" my hair was. Of course I told her thank you with a big grin on my face.

Check out the vid on my new wash and go product, by the way I only paid $1.99 for it. I also bought some Eco Style Gel which I did not use, I am going to see if I can figure out a good recipe to use the two together.

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The Creative Lady said...

I will have to post a video soon. I just used the Waajid products, shampoo and conditioner and hair loved it. Still wet in twists but I'm about to add the Bodifer and twist again for the night. If I don't make a video, I'm sure I'll have some pix on my fotki: thecreativelady is my screen name.
BTW: your kids cameos are precious in the video!


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