Thursday, July 23, 2009

House Hunters

Totally not a hair post, but I am so excited. We are officially house hunting. We are growing out of the house we are currently in so it is time for an "Upgrade". Yeah baby, nothing too big though because I am a cleaning freak and don't want to be cleaning up house all day. Right now it takes at least an hour to clean our house, I don't mind adding thirty minutes, with the help of some children. Yes my children clean and they enjoy it, my mom made my sister and I clean when we were small and it did not kill us.

Well, hopefully we will be in a house by January. Our only big decision is whether to build or buy an existing, we have a lot to consider with both. If we build I get to pick out all the amenities that are my style and we have to start now. If we get existing I may have to do some remodeling and we won't feel like we are rushing. I think any choice we make will be fine, I will keep you updated.

1 comment:

Sunshinelovespeace said...

That is very exciting!

I can't wait til we start offically shopping for a home!

Good luck


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