Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fireworks Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth! My family and I enjoyed our local fireworks show last night it was great. The picture below is a little peak at what we saw. We couldn't get too close because my girls are scared to death of the noise. I use to be the same way when I was their age, how funny. They did enjoy it though, and I must say I was like a little child myself, I do love fireworks. Don't know what's up for tonight though I hope my lovely husband does not try to invite people over, I am not in the mood for entertaining even though that would give him a chance to try out his new gas grill that I gave him for Father's Day. Anyways have a great day and be safe with all those fireworks that you know you are not supposed to have but get them anyways. Including me!!! Chow!

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