Saturday, July 25, 2009

My mommy

Good morning a bloggers, I am enjoying a nice quiet morning at the house, kids gone, hubby at work, just me and my coffee. Who could ask for anything better, LOL! Anyways, my mommy is here and i am so excited she is so beautiful with her natural hair, I will definitely share pics later on so you guys can see her. She has been natural forever, on a whim of course. I get tickled sometimes thinking how in the world my sister ( who has locs) my mom, and I ended up natural. I will be twisting my moms hair for her today, she may not wear it for long but hey it's for her. Her hair is so soft, her regemin is so simple: wash, condition, shea butter, and hair oils, say what. She loves her some shea butter too, I have to admit I hooked her on the "butta". Post pictures soon.

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