Sunday, July 26, 2009

I should be sleep but...

I should be sleep but...I am not sleepy so I just decided to blog and watch House of Payne at the same time.
So, I am proud of myself, I can't believe I made it through one week with my twists, surely I can make it through another. Hold that thought though... I have a job fair to go to on Wednesday, I may go I may not. I need to go. Anywho, if I do decide to go I think I will wear a twist out, surely I can make that look professional definitely not feeling the wash and go lately.

Enough of that, so I found out that my husband has planned a little surprise getaway for the two of us this coming weekend, I am excited because I love surprises. He said I will find out where on Wednesday so I can prepare myself. I think he has been planning this for a minute, it is funny cause I have been seeing him look at hotels but didn't think anything of it, our 8th anniversary is in September so I thought that's what it was for. So since hubby can't hold water he told me we were going somewhere out of the blue while we were at church today. He is a mess, but in a good way.

Usually I would try to find out what he has planned, sometimes I can figure it out, but this time I will let it be a surprise so it gives me something to look forward to. It will surely be nice to go somewhere without the girls for a change and definitely get prepared to go back to work as if I haven't had enough rest these past 8 weeks. I will let you guys know I end up on Saturday, until then. Toodles.

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