Monday, July 27, 2009

New protective styles

I need a new protective style. I am braiding diva but hate doing them mysel and can't stand the thought of paying somebody else to do them...but I want some. I have been weighting my options cause I just can't see myself twisting my hair all day every two weeks. Don't worry I am going to keep my challenge up, btw I added shea butter to the challenge, but just need a different protective style and need to decide my Friday so I can hook it up by the weekend. Of course cornrows with extensions to the back is an option but I feel like I have a funny shaped head, had those before, another idea flat twists with extensions, my last option...tree braids, now those are the bomb diggy.
Has anyone ever heard of these, they are so simple to do but too expensive to get done, sorry ya'll I am cheap about some stuff. So now I need to decide which style I want to do, cause the two strand twists are out the window. I will be posting pictures of the style I chose, until then check out my work.

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Anonymous said...

u got a bugger

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