Monday, July 25, 2011

Refashioned yard sale tray

Another crafting project, yes!!
Saturday I went to a few garage sales with the girls, might I add they did not like it, all I kept hearing was when are we going home?  Needless to say I kept driving around looking for more.
At my first sale I found the best tray ever in the best red color that went perfect with my den, not to mention as soon as I saw it I already knew what I was going to do to it.  Yep... Modge Podge ran straight through my mind.  Yeah it was cute the way it was but it just needed more. Today I ran to my favorite store, Joannes where I love to use my 15% teacher card faithfully, I make sure to get my full use out of it.
I bought some cute red scrapbook paper with some music pages on it and got to work.

What I used:
My red tray
Modge Podge.
I am not going to give directions cause
 it is on the back of the glue bottle 
and super easy to follow. But I will show you what I did.

My red tray, $2, great buy!

Cut out and glued my paper to the tray the way I wanted.
The tray is all nice and shiny after adding 
a few layers of Modge Podge to the top.

Can you see the music notes?

It's new home on my ottoman in the den.

I love me some crafting....

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