Friday, July 22, 2011

Jewelry Making Momma

Finally, I am here to show what has been keeping my attention lately.  I have been a jewelry making momma, seriously, I have been whipping out earrings, necklaces, and bracelets like some crazy person, but I admit they are cute as can be.
So this is what happened at the Natural Hair Expo my sis in law and I came across a jewelry table handing out cards for a natural hair competition and they were looking for vendors, so needless to say my sis in law had a lightbulb go off that we should make some jewelry and set us up a table, she is a hustler to her heart, lol, but I love her.  Needless to say I agreed and we have been whipping out stuff left and right, and yes we have a ball, all day we are texting things that we make all into the night.
Well here are plenty of pictures of the things I have made, enjoy!
 Beaded  bracelet with turtle charm 
and matching earring

 Wrapped bracelet with bow

 Wrapped bracelet
 Orangesicle: Beaded bracelet with 
heart charm
 Blue Ice and Cherry Cola

 Yo Yo Earrings with buttons

 Denim yo yo earrings with buttons

 Hoop earrings
 Felt flower bracelet
 Felt flower bracelet

 Lovely, yeah I named it that, I seriously 
felt that way when I tried it on.
Wouldn't mind keeping this one for myself.

 Another bracelet
Earrings, I have so many beads to make earrings with

 Another beaded bracelet

As you can see I have been very busy and still not finished, off to get started on more.  Saturday I am posting a how to for some cute and easy girls hairbows, stay tuned cause these are great.
Have a great Friday!

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