Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cute and easy hair bows for girls

We are going to a birthday party this evening for one of my daughters classmates so we decided to make the gifts for the birthday girl. The other day I ran across a blog while searching for felt flower idea and thought her flowers were beautiful.  She did not use them as hair bows but I thought they would be adorable as matching pairs. To check it out go to

So alls you need is:
a glue gun
felt of any color
and buttons (the size of the buttons 
depends on the size flower you make)

For the size flower I was making I cute out 
four circles and one more smaller
one to glue onto

fold the circle twice.  See where the point is, 
put a tiny dot of glue there to keep
the petal closed. Do that for all larger circles.

Next, find the center of the smaller circle
and glue the point there for all the petals.

and this is what it looks like...just glue
your button to the middle and 
you are finished.

 Since this going to be a hair clip
I attached a metal clip to back. The pink 
felt piece will be attached to the back also 
for extra security.

I also added a piece of denim, so the 
back did not look so plain.

Here are some more that I made for the fun of it.  The white flower is part of my jewelry collection.  Got plenty more to make tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!!!


Funbi's said...

This is MEGA cute sis!! I am going to have to try this!!
Thank you for sharing!!


~UrTheAppleOfmiiEye~ said...

loves it!

naturallady said...

You are more than welcome, enjoy making your bows.

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