Monday, July 11, 2011

Sew Not About Hair 3, well maybe a little...

Ok back on my crafting thing...
The other day while scanning my craft blogs I ran across  the cutest bracelet and decided I wanted to make it. Now I had  never done this  before but I thought  what the hey, it turned out cute if I do say so...

double wrapped beaded bracelet

Then I decided to make some matching earrings

I don't have holes in my ears so I do clipons

The whole set
    Since this was my first time making these I 
just bought some regular wooden beads to see 
how it would turn out.  The next one 
will be more stunning.

I already have one order :)

I had a wedding to go to on Saturday, so on Tuesday I washed my hair and did a braid out everyday so it could be stretched by the big day cause I was going to do a cute style all pinned up and what I thought.  I bought the hair pins and got to working,  the wedding started at 6 and it was around 4:30 when I started.  No I did not have plenty of time, do we women ever have plenty of time.  Had to get kids to sitter and still get dressed.  Hubby left at 4:45 to drop girls off so I started pinning: first style, second style, third style, none of the styles were working.  For starters it is humid here and the humidity just had my hair a poofy
mess, nothing was helping my hair and I was afraid to add any hair lotion for fear of more frizz.  Frustration was setting in now. Hubby calls at 5:15, he was on the way home and my hair still wasn't done, what to do.  So guess what I did? Got one of my good stretch bands, wrapped it around my neck, and Viola, a hair style...

 There are those thin sides I was 
talking about, still working on them.

other side

Still got compliments with this style though :)


Funbi's said...

Wow sis these look great!! Can't wait to see the other versions you will come up with!

naturallady said...

Thanks so much, it was really relaxing to do these. I am planning on doing an end summer giveaway which will include some great goodies including one or two handmade items, and one of these bracelets so stay tuned.

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