Friday, July 1, 2011

Greetings from the road & Updates

Yes I have nothing else to do but post from the road, I was reading but I have to save the rest of my book for the ride home. It was hard to put down cause it is so interesting, I will have to post a list of the books I have read, you will not be disappointed.
Anywho, on our way to Texas for the 4th to visit my mom, girls in the back with a little car sickness as usual, they got it honest from me, and that's with the bracelets and all. While driving I thought I would post about my hubby who cut his Loc's out after getting them started several weeks ago. In all fairness I don't blame him, it's hot and he works on air conditioners which makes him sweaty then he starts digging in his hair making it look a mess like it was yesterday. So instead of making me do his hair he decided to cut it off, no worries though he his going to grow it back out and start over in the Fall. Pics at the bottom...

Quick product review: with a little water last night I retwisted my twists from Tuesday with Kimmay leave in and the As I Am Twist and Define Butter...the best definition ever. Took twists out while riding and my hair is so defined and shiney, can't wait to seperate and fluff some more. I think I am in love with the Butter, again.

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