Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunshine Award

Wow, I won a Sunshine Award, I would surely like to thank Diva Locks for this award and for supporting my blog, it is nice to know my blogging is somewhat interesting, lol.  Make sure you stop by and check her out and the little diva out, she has some cute hair accessories going on.

 Here's how it works:
Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them
Tell one thing about yourself
Then nominate 10 blogs
Stop by and let them know you chose them!
One thing about myself: I HAVE to have a snack before going to bed, always, everynight.  I feel like  am going to starve through the night if I don't nibble on something before falling asleep.
My Big Girl: She is obsessed with painting her nails.
My Baby Girl: Has a blanket that we can't get rid of, she drags it everywhere, out of town, sleepovers, she even wants to take it to kindergarten with her. 
I love so many different blogs that I love to visit, from hair to crafting blogs here are the ones I nominated, check them out.
 If you didn't already have one I would nominate you Diva Locks!!!!


Funbi's said...

Again, many thanks for the award ;)

Happy Together said...

Hey :) Thanks so much for nominating me! You are too sweet :) My daughter loves painting her nails too (or should I say having me paint them). We do them at least once a week and have so many colors, stickers, etc. Don't you just love having girls?

naturallady said...

You ladies are more than welcome, just wanted to let you know that your blogs are great.
And yes I love having girls, I am in to the frilly stuff just as much as they are.

Princess Hairstyles said...

Aw, thank you so much.. I am flattered! Cute blog you have here, I will definitely be back. :)

naturallady said...

Princess you are more than welcome. During the school year my big girl loves going through your styles and trying them. We love your blog.

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