Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tennesssee Natural Hair Care and Wellness Expo

Time is almost here, three more days until The Expo and I am so excited.  I am even wondering should I keep my hair in the twists they are in now, or let it do what it do like I am sure everyone else will, lol.  Anyways I am so excited at who will be there, one of my favorite stores the Bubble Bistro will be there with all their goodies, the owner graduated from high school with me, she has some great stuff ,check out her shop. 
FYI: the bath bombs and body oil are great, and my husband loves the Skin Vacuum, black soap that has cleared all his razor bumps away, seriously.

Sarah Elliott-Owner/Designer of Sarenzo Beads, can't wait to get some of those.

Some of Memphis own
The Philosophy and Politics of Natural Hair - Pearl "The Hair Deva" Walker, of Legacy Locks, Braids, and Natural Styles.  I will definitely check this shop out when school starts back and I am back on a regular pay schedule (clearing my throat).

Transitioning to Chemical-Free Hair - Takeisha Berry-Brooks, Owner/Stylist, A Natural Hair Affair Beauty Lounge.  I have done a consult at her shop but did not end up getting my hair done but my sis in law goes there and loves it.

There will also be a class on Becoming Fibroid Free, I will surely like to get into that one, I currently do have uterin fibroids that are shrinking but may also be causing some problems so I would like to learn more about that.

Excitement is in the air, stay tuned.

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alldaynatural said...

Hi there! Thanks for posting about the Expo. Just want to clarify that the Expo will be at the Memphis Airport Hotel & Conference Center, 2240 Democrat Road (not the Radisson). We are so happy that you will be a part of this event. Look forward to meeting you there!

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